Hi, my name is Irina Ford and I am a songwriter.


I was born in Russian Far East,  in a port town called Nakhodka (the closest translation to English would be - Discovery), a very poetic name for the town.

My mother was a Russian Literature teacher and we had a big library of poetry at home. I remember taking a book from the shelf - Valery Brusov was my favourite poet at that time (maybe because I was not able to reach a higher shelf being just 10) - putting it on the piano and singing, trying to find the best melody for the poem.

My own lyrics I started writing much later, after graduating from the University.

But once my work took me to the UK - all songwriting or even just playing a guitar had stopped. There were so many changes I had to adapt to: a new country, a new environment, making new friends, starting a family…

And so it went… until I joined a Realistic Music Academy : a local establishment mainly focused on developing young musicians and bands. They also have time for adults, who want to play in a band  after a day at work.

And the desire to write songs came back. This time I started writing in English to embrace the local audience.

In 2017 I recorded my first several songs, which were released as an album in April, 2018.

I am working on the new material and enjoying every minute of it.

I hope you enjoy listening to my songs as much as I did writing them.


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