Fight the Tide

In December 2017 I was told that in a sample taken from the lymphatic node under the collar bone the cancerous cells were identified.

I did not cry in the doctor’s office, I just shook my head in disbelief, I was in shock. On that day the line was drawn separating my life before 13th December, 2017 and after.

(you can read a more detailed story here)

I started the treatment in February 2018 and it will continue for the foreseeable future. Back in April I was talking on the phone with my cousin and “complained” that I need to find something to do during my 8 hour chemotherapy session. She replied: “Oh, well - with a needle in your arm and a needle in your heart you can write a song”. And so I did.

In my mind I  had an image of the warrior fighting the incoming waves of  cancerous slime and at that moment I knew it should be an 80s rock song with distorted guitar riffs, filling you with anger and energy. My friend Steve Segel helped me to shape the song and it is going to be released on the first anniversary of my life with a cancer — 13th of December 2018.

Rock version is performed by Louis Carlton and I recorded an Acoustic version of the song.

To take a message of the song further I decided to start a fundraising campaign in aid of Royal Marsden Hospital where I am undergoing my cancer treatment. The money raised from this campaign and also the net profits from the song sales will be donated to support the immunotherapy research in the hospital.

Please support me and Royal Marsden Hospital in my battle with cancer:

I called my fundraising campaign Fight the Tide, inspired by the song title and a message.

I finance this campaign from my modest savings and will be grateful for any donations to reduce the burden on my family.

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