SEASONS ( English version)

SEASONS ( English version)

Released: April, 2018. Album "Songs with an Accent". A vocal by Roo Savill

The yellow leaves are gently falling
And sink in puddles trembling, rolling
The weather gives them no choice
We do not see each other often
Just sms instead of calling
But how I miss your husky voice
The sun is visiting us seldom
The wind gets stronger and unwelcomed
The skies are pregnant with the snow
What’s left behind – just Xmas glitter
The words were said ice-cold and bitter
Another day, another “no”
Could I miss one?
Don’t give in, don’t fall apart
Seasons, feels like treason
All these changes in my heart

Look at the miracles of nature,
The colours’ mixture and adventure,
The 50 shades of striking green.
The renaissance of our story
Walks hand in hand and no worries
And little laughter in between

Changing  seasons,
Never-ending, round and round
Seasons, and plenty reasons
To change the season of my heart

The drops of rain - annoying stammer;
The heat of August & rainbow’s banner.
The air is tense and we are mad
Could we 
Survive the seasons’ melodrama?
Because beyond sunshine and glamour
Here comes the autumn – cold and sad

I’m imprisoned 
I’ll break the locks, I had enough 
Despite the weather 
Let’s build a home for our love 

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